Decluttering Key

"I believe decluttering is the key to organizing."

Recent Testimonials

"Decluttering Key helped me to end the procrastination period that was holding me back."

− S.O., St. Paul, MN

"I felt so energized after our session!"

− M.S., Minneapolis, MN

"We are 100% going to have Su-Yoon come back as we both understand feng shui is a process of continuous improvement."

− B.C., Bloomington, MN

"Su-Yoon was very understanding. She realized the items we had accumulated had sentimental value. "

− P.O., Burnsville, MN

"This is definitely a worthwhile investment!"

− D.V., St. Louis Park, MN


Feng Shui

Feng Shui by Decliuttering KeyCreating intentional spaces through energy. Feel the flow.

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Decluttering Services in Minneapolis and Saint PaulDecluttering is the key to organizing. Sort, Declutter, Organize.

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Bereavement Organizing

Bereavement Organizing in Minneapolis and Saint PaulSeeing to the belongings that have been left when someone dies.

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Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing by Decluttering KeyOrganizing guidance and coaching for your home over Zoom

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New York Times Article

New York Times ArticleThe New York Times asked me to write for their Room for Debate section about Marie Kondo’s book the life-changing magic of tidying up. I talk about how I appreciated her book and how it relates to my feng shui practice. Click the button below to read!

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Meet Su-Yoon Ko

Meet Su-Yoon KoSu-Yoon Ko is a feng shui master, elemental jewelry designer, and professional organizer. She has a passion for decluttering, which is also an important step in feng shui. She specializes in bereavement organizing: helping people remember and honor their loved one, while letting go of the things that do not enhance their own lives. But why wait? She feels anytime is a good time to declutter, so folks can enjoy living lighter and stress-free in their own homes now. She also creates elemental jewelry ( which layers the natural healing elements of the stones themselves, along with elements from feng shui, the five element theory, chakra theory to create intentional pieces for you and your space.

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