Beyond Grief: Reclaim Your Spirit 1 day workshop

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Losing a loved one can be devastating. Grief is something that affects us on many levels: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, and yet it’s something we rarely talk about.  I’m excited to be co-presenting a one day workshop with three others that will be addressing all of these aspects.

Not only have I seen  how grief affects me and people in my own life, I’ve also been witness to the healing that comes when people are supported and have tools and the space to acknowledge and move through it. We’ve created this workshop to provide support and some of those tools.


First we each will present for 45 minutes, and the second half of the workshop will be focused on interactive break-out sessions where guests can work in smaller groups with each of the morning speakers.

Through the lens of  feng shui, I will be addressing how the belongings you inherit from a loved one who’s passed may be affecting you and how to deal with them. Plus, I’ll touch on crystals and stones and how they can be an ally to your healing.

The speakers:

  • Catherine Lleras, R.M.T, psychic-medium and spiritual channeler
  • Mel LLeras, C.Ht., subconscious behaviorist and bio-energy therapist
  • Tess Vergara, strategic interventionist and awakening coach
  • Su-Yoon Ko, feng shui master, elemental jeweler, and professional organizer

When: Sunday, May 20th,  9am – 6pm

Where:  RE/MAX Building  7700 France Avenue South  Bloomington, MN 55435

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