Elemental Jewelry SYK now on Etsy


Elemental Jewelry SYK now on Etsy

Life is so interesting- you never know where it’s going to take you.

When I started my feng shui studies, I had no idea it would take me all the way full circle back to one of my first creative loves: making jewelry.  But during my feng shui studies, I realized the power of layering the healing elements of natural stones themselves along with feng shui, the five elements, and the chakra system. And while I am certainly not the first person to discover or utilize these amazing tools together, we all have our own styles and ways to interpret and layer the elements.

So in my Etsy store, I offer stone jewelry that supports different needs such as grief support, new beginnings/letting go, to Year of the Fire Monkey support.  In addition, I also love to work with people to create much more customized jewelry specifically for them, helping balance their five elements and working with whatever issues they are interested in.

Check out my store ElementalJewelrySYK on Etsy!

From my Etsy page:

As the story goes, when I was about 5 years old, my mom and I were in a jewelry store and I whispered, “I want to work in a place like THIS when I grow up!”

It only took a few decades and more than a few bends in the road, but I finally made it.

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