Life, Loss & Living Fully presentation, Wedge Table

Life, Loss & Living Fully at Wedge Table

I’m pleased to team up again with Maggie Bauer of MB Grief Recovery and Julie Wilcox of Blue Owl Law to present Life, Loss & Living Fully, this time at the Wedge Table.

Our presentations on grief, estate planning, and bereavement organizing center around those who are bereaving and helpful tools for before, during, and after losing a loved one.


“All 3 of you have such a wonderful presence and presentation

of what may be a somewhat difficult subject for many people”

an attendee from the first presentation


Maggie’s presentation will include multiple definitions of grief, the choices people make to avoid grief, and what recovering from a loss could look like with the Grief Recovery Method. She has seen the positive impact it has made on her own life along with many others.

There’s a common misperception that estate planning has to be complicated. It doesn’t. In Julie’s presentation, she will talk through what estate planning is, why we don’t do it, why we should do it, and how to do it. You’ll leave the presentation with an understanding of what you have to do to get your affairs in order and have some peace of mind.

Su-Yoon is passionate about helping others live their lives fully by taking stock of all the belongings in their care: their own and the ones left in their care from losing a loved one. She will talk about what clutterer is, the benefits of DEcluttering, and tips on how to honor your lost loved one while seeing to their belongings.


As a life long griever, Maggie Bauer discovered the Grief Recovery Method after losing multiple significant relationships including the death of her only brother. She became a Grief Recovery Specialist® in 2013 and is currently teaching educational classes in the Grief Recovery Method.

Julie Wilcox is the lawyer | owner of Blue Owl Law and focuses on estate planning, including end-of-life and death work.

Su-Yoon Ko, owner of Decluttering Key, is a professional organizer and a certified feng shui practitioner.


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