Meet Su-Yoon Ko

Hello, I’m Su-Yoon Ko, a professional organizer, feng shui master, and elemental jewelry designer. I grew up in Minnesota and upon returning to Minneapolis at the end of 2013 after an 11-year journey to Seoul, Korea, I created Decluttering Key.

I came to decluttering when a friend lent me the book Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.  After doing some of the exercises, I immediately felt the effects. Feeling lighter and freer, I wanted to help friends and family with this new information.  Starting Decluttering Key seemed a natural extension of that desire to help people with their own decluttering and feng shui journeys.

I have a passion for decluttering. I firmly believe it is the first and most important aspect of the organizing process: decluttering is the key to organizing.  When the things that are unused and unloved are peeled away, it’s possible to manage the rest and set up organizing systems that will last.

Personal experience has brought the need for help with bereavement organizing to my attention, and my comfort with loss has made it the perfect fit for me and my skills. I believe it’s important clients feel comfortable working with me, therefore I offer free consultations. Contact me for more information.


If you love your space, you can thrive in it. We can help create your space with intention. Contact me at or 612-578-2031