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Bereavement Organizing in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

What is bereavement organizing?

Bereavement organizing is decluttering with the understanding that the objects being looked at are inherited from someone else, whatever the circumstance. Decluttering Key helps you navigate the process of how to deal with those belongings. If your goal is to remember and honor your loved one, I can offer ideas and together we can find ways to do that, while offering guidance, resources, and support.

Do you have any tips to start?

A good starting place might be to let go of things:

  • you have a negative memory associated with
  • that are broken and not worth (money or emotional) repairing
  • that are dated (think VCR, old media-can it be transferred to newer media?)
  • that double what you already have

Keep in mind:

  • There is no right or wrong for when or how to let things go; it depends on what is right for you
  • Give yourself permission to let things go. I can’t image you’re loved one would want to burden you with something you don’t use or love
If there are boxes or piles somewhere in your home and they’re weighing on your mind, perhaps it’s time to go through them.
We want to help you honor and remember your loved one, while letting go of the need to hold on to every object, especially if they do not fit you or your life’s goals.


Decluttering & Bereavement Organizing Packages:

Single Session

1 Session
  • 1 three-hour session
  • For one room or two smaller sized areas*
  • A great way to try our services
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9-Hour Package

3 Sessions
  • 9 hour total (3 three-hour sessions)
  • For one to three rooms*
  • Save 10%
  • Use within 6 months
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18-Hour Package

6 Sessions
  • 18 hour total (6 three-hour sessions)
  • For three to four rooms*
  • Save 15%
  • Use within 6 months
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30-Hour Package

10 Sessions
  • 30 hour total (10 three-hour sessions)
  • For larger projects*
  • Save 20%
  • Use within 1 year
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*Project length depends on the client. See our “How long will the project take?” section on our Decluttering page for more details.
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Areas We Serve

We serve the Twin Cities Metro area – contact us for consultation if you are outside this area.