General Decluttering Services

Decluttering Services in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

What is clutter?

Clutter can be anything that:

  • is not used
  • is not loved
  • is broken and not worth repairing
  • has a negative memory attached to it
  • you have outgrown
  • no longer adds value to your life
  • does not have a specific “home” in your home or office

What is decluttering?

Decluttering is letting go of those things that you do not use or love, or that you have outgrown or no longer enhance your life.

What happens to the things I want to declutter?

When you decide to let something go, there are multiple ways to it go including:

  • donating
  • re-gifting
  • recycling
  • re-selling

I offer resources or help find ones that are in line with your goals, but you decide which way best fits you.

Decluttering Services in Minneapolis and St Paul

How long will each project take?

It depends on the size of the space, how much is in each drawer/box/room, and how long it takes for the client to make a decision about what to do with each item. The speed with which people make decisions varies according to each person (some are comfortable making quick decisions, others prefer a little more time). I never make decisions for clients; while I help guide, can offer suggestions, and keep things focused based on the timeline goals the client has set, the final decision about each item is up to the client, so they ultimately control the pace and therefore the overall length of the project.

Getting started can be difficult, however most clients tend to catch the decluttering energy and things tend to move right along when people get into the groove.


Before Shot - Decluttering Key


After Shot - Decluttering Key

Why should I declutter?

Ultimately, decluttering will help you save time, stress and money. You will save time by not digging through all of the things you are not looking for to find the one thing that you are. You can save money by not paying for off site storage or rebuying things because you can’t find them. And you will have less stress as research shows that clutter impedes your ability relax both mentally and physically as well as creating guilt and anxiety.

Why hire a professional?

As a professional organizer, I offer a non-judgmental, objective point of view to help you move through the decision making process quicker and more smoothly. I offer resources, ideas, experience, and support. I help you prioritize and stay on track. I work with you to figure out the best ways to work together to reach your goals.

What happens after we declutter?

After we declutter, then we are able to see what you really use and love, look at patterns that have worked for you, tweak ones that do not, and set up personalized organizing systems that work for you.

Decluttering & Bereavement Organizing Packages:

Single Session

  • 1 three-hour session
  • For one room or two smaller sized areas*
  • A great way to try our services
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9-Hour Package

  • 9 hours total (3 three-hour sessions)
  • For one to three rooms*
  • (Discounts built in)
  • Use within 6 months
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18-Hour Package

  • 18 hours total (6 three-hour sessions)
  • For three to four rooms*
  • (Discounts built in)
  • Use within 6 months
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30-Hour Package

  • 30 hours total (10 three-hour sessions)
  • For larger projects*
  • (Discounts built in)
  • Use within 1 year
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* Project length depends on the client. See “How long will the project take?” section for more details.
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