Feng Shui Services in Minnesota

Feng Shui by Decliuttering Key

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui (wind and water) is the ages-old Chinese practice of working with the energy (chi) of a space to achieve specific goals.  I help Minnesota clients create comfortable, safe spaces that they love and reflect who they are in which they can live, work, and thrive in.

Another way to think of feng shui is that it is extremely intentional organizing.  Things are arranged in ways to help support any challenged areas of your life, or to continue to enhance, balance, and harmonize the flow of positive energy and opportunities.

Feng Shui Decluttering Key Minneapolis

Why use Feng Shui?

Based on the principles that everything is energy and that your space reflects your life, feng shui offers tools and methods in which to help you achieve your goals while giving a boost to other areas of your life that need support. Whether you are looking for help with feeling overwhelmed, increasing wealth, help with a relationship or just want to ensure a good thing keeps going, feng shui has something to offer you.

Feng Shui Packages (3 options):

Feng Shui Starter Package

Single Session
  • A single 90 minute to 2 hour session
  • Learn basic Feng Shui principles
  • Look at top 2 or 3 issues
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Feng Shui Creation Package

3 Sessions
  • The Feng Shui Starter + 2 sessions
  • Look at 2nd layer of issues
  • Add Ming Gua numbers
  • Add Five Elements
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Mix & Match Package

Mix & Match
  • Interested in Feng Shui and decluttering? Create your own package: start and end with Feng Shui sessions, and add the amount of decluttering sessions you need in between.
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If you love your space, you can thrive in it. We can help create your space with intention. Contact me at su-yoon@declutteringkey.com or 612-578-2031


Areas We Serve

We serve the Twin Cities Metro area – contact us for consultation if you are outside this area.