“I got a lot of good ideas about using the closet space I have as well as some fun tips and tricks (your Pinterest photos).  I feel so much better about my use of space, and I can actually see all my clothes.  My bedroom and guest room are actually clean and presentable.  No more piles of laundry — everything has its own place to be. 

D.V., St. Louis Park, MN

“Decluttering Key helped me to end the procrastination period of going through spaces within my home that were becoming stressful due to the fact that they were so cluttered, they were becoming areas to avoid using.  I also found it very valuable that DK was helpful in making sure I had many options to think through when it came to organizing the spaces of concern.I liked working with such a hands-on person (Su-Yoon) and the fact that she has so much motivation to help people “get ‘er done.”  I have found that life is so much less stressful when you know where things are and don’t have to feel negative energy from having too much stuff or stuff that you’re not sure what to do with.”    

— S.O., St.Paul, MN

“Su-Yoon was calm, non-judgmental, really listened to me and what I wanted, and then was able to offer suggestions to help guide me through the process of decluttering.

I loved that even though Su-Yoon was orchestrating the process, I was involved in every single decision, no matter how small. Su-Yoon asked the right questions to help me decide whether to keep or part with the many things that I had accumulated over the years.

In one afternoon, I managed to fill up the entire back of a car to donate to Goodwill, and the best part is that I don’t miss a single thing!

It felt wonderful to cleanse my apartment and I felt energized after our session. The ultimate goal is to make my space a place that I want to be. I look forward to future sessions with Su-Yoon that will be more directed at organizing now that I’ve completed the decluttering phase. I highly recommend the services provided by Su-Yoon and Decluttering Key!”  

– M. S.,  Minneapolis, MN

“Su-Yoon was understanding. She realized the items we had accumulated had sentimental value. Su-Yoon was very accommodating to our schedules. She did research on the best way to sell or donate items.  After working with Decluttering Key, I know where to find things and I am not making unnecessary purchases.”

– P.O., Burnsville, MN

If you love your space, you can thrive in it. We can help create your space with intention. Contact me at su-yoon@declutteringkey.com or 612-578-2031